Regardless of how well a project is managed, the lasting impression always seems to be based on how it was completed and turned over to the owner. A poorly managed project closeout leads to unfulfilled expectations and ultimately to claims. For that reason alone, the project closeout and turnover phase of a project deserves as much effort and attention as all previous phases. As an experienced, third party advisor, we can help your project finish strong. We provide advisory services in two key areas: work to complete lists and punch list management.

Work to Complete Lists

Work to complete lists identify the contract work that has not been installed or completed and should be completed before a space is punch listed. This helps a contractor ensure that all work is complete in accordance with the contract documents, greatly reducing the number of items on a punch list, ensuring clear understanding between the project staff and the owners.

Punch List Management

Critical to how an owner will remember the contractor, a quality punch list process begins by developing a plan and communicating it to all stakeholders, including project management, owners and subcontractors. To finish strong, everyone needs to buy in and be committed to the plan. 

To be successful, the plan needs to answer several key questions:

Facilities Testing and Training

As part of our services portfolio, we provide advisory services related to facilities testing, building staff training, start-up and commissioning, as well as a warranty response program. Additionally, we assist Owners in transitioning into their new property by providing training for systems start up and maintenance, as well as the development of long-term maintenance plans.

Our Project Closeout and Post-Construction Services include:

  • Substantial Completion Recommendations
  • Punch List Administration
  • Project Closeout Document Review
  • Facilities Testing, Start-up, Commissioning
  • Facility Systems Transition Report
  • Lessons Learned Conferences
  • Building Commissioning
  • Training
  • Project Closeout
  • Maintenance Plans

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