Shifting from quality assurance in the pre-construction phase to quality control is essential for executing a successful project. At Rimkus Building Consultants, we are here to support your efforts throughout the entire process with construction services that provide the best results for your project.

A Comprehensive Process Designed to Assure Quality

Our goal is to provide an objective third party review that assists the project team in completing the project in accordance with the contract plans and specifications. To that point, after the design is locked in place and contracts are awarded, we will evaluate the adequacy of your current quality control measures and advise the project team accordingly. During the construction phase, we will review shop drawings and product submittals for consistency with pre-construction reviews.

Implementing Quality Control Plans

To help ensure that work is executed in a reliable and verifiable manner, we will assist in the implementation of Quality Control Plans, including field inspections. This includes the review, construction and testing of mock-ups as part of an overall quality control strategy, along with reviews of work in place.

Change Order Support

During construction, change orders can significantly impact both cost and schedule. To assist you in this area, we will review and analyze change orders and project schedules to determine the effects of scope changes and delays on the overall cost and schedule, as well as evaluate the percentage of work complete and project funding.

Vibration Monitoring

Many construction activities involve vibration-inducing activities. As part of our services, we monitor vibrations with seismograph equipment to characterize vibrations for various construction activities and evaluate their effect on adjacent properties. Based on our evaluation, we will work with you to examine alternatives for reducing the effects of vibration and help to select the best solutions for surrounding vibration sensitive structures. Should residents and businesses make any property damage claims, we will conduct investigations to determine if the damage was related to construction-induced vibrations.

Assessing Safety Issues

Unfortunately, construction can be a dangerous business. During the project construction phase, we help mitigate potential safety issues by reviewing site safety plans. Rimkus Building Consultants can also conduct faux OSHA compliance inspections on site or periodically inspect the site throughout construction to ensure cultural support for and practical compliance with the safety plan.

Our Construction services include:

  • Third party design reviews
  • Liability risk management – adjacent structures
  • Vibration monitoring
  • QA/QC - Quality Assurance and Quality Control Reviews and Inspections
  • Special Inspections
  • Threshold Inspections
  • In-Place Work Inspections
  • Mock-ups
  • Shop Drawings and Submittal reviews
  • Safety Audits
  • Project Problem Analysis and Resolution

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