Through our depth of technical knowledge and comprehensive understanding of building sciences, Rimkus Building Consultants offers an array of services to assist clients with the optimization of building envelopes and related systems. We proactively address performance issues to improve the way buildings are constructed and maintained backed by a commitment to utilizing sustainable materials methods as applicable.

The Science Behind High Performance

Maximizing the value and lifecycle of a building requires continuously maintaining performance and improving energy efficiency. Moisture intrusion—and the effects it brings—are the chief contributors to a drop in value. From the design of new buildings to the construction materials and technologies used, to the repair and maintenance of existing structures, we are uniquely qualified to provide a full range of building sciences consulting services to help prevent and eliminate problems.

Our Building Sciences services include:

Better insights, better performance and better outcomes for the built environment

Optimize the quality, value and performance of your projects and your facilities with Rimkus Building Consultants.

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