A federal courthouse in the eastern United States was experiencing moisture damage during the phased construction of the facility. Rimkus was retained to determine the cause of the moisture intrusions.

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The courthouse was experiencing moisture intrusions at various locations due to alleged construction defects in the building’s envelope.

Services Provided:

The services provided by Rimkus included the following.

  1. A condition assessment of the building’s envelope and sources of the actual moisture intrusions.
  2. Identification of defects and construction schedule issues that involved building façade and other subcontractors.
  3. Repair methods and estimated cost for repairs for the identified moisture damage.
  4. Onsite representation during remediation process.

Solutions / Deliverables:

In its multi-discipline approach Rimkus not only provided the expertise required to conduct the inspections and causation analysis but the additional knowledge and understanding of construction practices, provided construction schedule analysis as well as methods of repair and realistic costs estimates.

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