A joint venture Design – Build Team engaged Rimkus to conduct specialized review services on the design and construction of an Electronics Laboratory Complex for the Department of Defense.

  • Eastern US
  • Research and Development and Data Center
  • Governmental


The project required expertise in the design and construction of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, or SCIFs. The Rimkus team consisted of five consultants:

  • Project Manager and Civil Engineer with experience in US Naval Special Warfare SCIF construction and operations
  • Lead Architect an experienced design professional for SCIF technology and acoustical assemblies
  • Construction Professional and documents management expert
  • Mechanical Engineer and experienced design professional for SCIF technology and expert in intrusion detection systems, mechanical systems and telecommunications
  • Electrical Engineer and expert in radio frequency (RF) emissions.

Services & Solutions Provided:

Rimkus’ initial scope of work was to conduct a constructability review of the Joint Venture’s design partner’s design for Building X of the complex. Building X was a 250,000 square foot, four story building which was designed to be entirely a SCIF. Inside, Building X was further compartmented into areas of increased physical and informational security. These compartments were referred to by the team as SCIFs within a SCIF, a complexity of independent functional SCIF areas which all shared a common SCIF envelope and common primary building utilities.

Working locally on the project with a fixed budget and schedule, the Rimkus work product was prepared and delivered to the Joint Venture as a series of worksheets. Each sheet covered the primary engineering disciplines as well as the specialized SCIF disciplines such as intrusion detection, physical security and telecommunications. The worksheets outlined specific aspects of the design that may have created issues with regard to compliance with SCIF requirements or constructability. After issuing their work product, the Rimkus team participated in a design review meeting at the Joint Venture’s design partner’s offices.. The Joint Venture members and representatives of the US Government also attended the review.

Phase II of the Rimkus scope of work was to prepare and deliver an instructional program to the project team members on SCIF technology and construction requirements. Rimkus developed a two hour program which was delivered by Rimkus consultants to the entire team including Joint Venture personnel, Joint Venture Subcontractors, the Joint Venture’s design partner, Engineers from the US Military and the end user US Military Intelligence personnel. The program was presented on site and in two sessions to accommodate the project team.

Rimkus’ scope of work was again expanded to Phase III which encompassed field testing of various SCIF compartment and envelope assemblies for RF and acoustic emanations shielding. The testing demonstrated that the constructed assemblies performed to specification. Any deficiencies were quickly identified, corrected and retested prior to application of expensive finishes which would have greatly increased the cost to remedy. A report delineating field test results was prepared and issued to the Joint Venture project managers.

Rimkus wrapped the assignment by assisting the project team in closeout meetings and activities.

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