08 Dec 2022

Rimkus Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Services

The Rimkus Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Services group’s mission is to proactively identify, mitigate, and eliminate the complex risks inherent in the procurement, design, construction, and operation of facilities.

We provide a comprehensive range of services designed to optimize the performance, maintenance, and repair of buildings, plants, facilities, and infrastructure. This includes but is not limited to structural, seismic risk, and environmental site assessments, energy audits, and commissioning services.

Whether it’s a government facility, office building, multi-family housing complex, resort, hospital, or industrial plant, our consultants apply decades of experience to bring long-lasting success to projects.

Our team of building science specialists provides guidance and technical proficiency for a wide range of sectors. Together, we offer multidisciplinary support to developers and asset owners, property managers, contractors, risk and safety managers, lenders, governments, and municipalities.

This edition of our quarterly newsletter provides an in-depth look at our capabilities related to building sciences. Read below to learn more about property condition assessments and pre-construction services.

With a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) from Rimkus, owners can be confident that they have the necessary due diligence information for purchasing or leasing a property. To begin, we research, locate, and review available as-built drawings to determine if potential shortcomings exist in the design or detailing of the property.

To address any potential issues that might require repair or replacement, we examine trouble-prone areas such as cladding, roofing, windows, or exterior doors, which may be prone to moisture intrusion, site grading, and drainage, or other areas where construction defects commonly occur. We examine all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems to make certain that everything is functioning as intended. We also analyze structural systems to determine their adequacy for the intended use, and include any proposed modifications to the load-bearing conditions.

After all documentation is reviewed, the property is visually inspected using non-destructive testing methods, such as thermal imaging. Following the inspection, a report is generated on the physical condition of the property. Recommendations regarding future issues related to the maintainability of the property as well as life cycle cost analyses are also frequently included in the report.

Decisions made at the beginning of a project can have a great impact on the final results. Mistakes made in pre-construction can result in delays, cost over-runs, construction defects, and other claims. Rimkus experts work collaboratively with project teams during the design and pre-construction phase of a project to identify potential construction risks and eliminate costly impacts.

Our consultants work side-by-side with designers, owners, developers, and contractors at the conceptual design phase to evaluate the interrelationship of building systems and components. Through our objective third-party analysis of the project design, we minimize risks and help achieve the highest level of quality assurance.

As a project progresses into detailed design, we evaluate the actual execution of the established concepts. Our team reviews the overall quality of the systems and their compliance with codes and standards. We examine design documents for constructability and comprehensiveness. We can offer recommendations for alternative materials to meet the design criteria, provide cost savings, and assist in weighing the cost impacts of design options relative to performance risks. Our approach can assist the construction team in selecting the most cost-effective structural systems based on maintainability and life cycle costs.