13 Apr 2017

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. Announces Formation of Rimkus Building Consultants

Rimkus Building Consultants - Strategies for the Built Environment

Rimkus Building Consultants is a leader in technical solutions for the built environment, using cutting-edge technology and deep technical expertise to proactively identify, mitigate and eliminate the complex risks inherent in the procurement, design, construction and operation of facilities.

Our suite of Consulting, Assessment and Design Services includes Property Condition Assessments, Risk Assessments, Design Services, Pre-Construction Services, Construction Services, Project Close-Out and Post-Construction Services, Maintenance & Operations, and Building Sciences.

We provide services to a wide variety of clients worldwide, including Developers, Owners, Facilities Managers, Property Managers, Risk Managers, Contractors, Government Agencies, and Design Professionals.

Our exceptional technical talent is founded on a legacy of consulting, design, construction and risk management, enhanced by more than three decades of experience in forensic analyses. Our promise is to deliver timely, technically sound and proactive solutions that bring value to our clients.