04 Jun 2018

RBC Discusses Technology's Role in Roof Maintenance

Practice Area Leader for Building Sciences, Mickey Parker, recently was featured in Facility Maintenance Decisions for his thoughts on technology's growing role in roofing. In the article, “5 Keys to Healthy Roofs,” Parker weighed in on how to use technology such as infrared cameras, drones and aerial photography most effectively, as well as the cost-savings benefits these new digital tools provide to building owners and facilities managers.

Step number one, ensure technicians understand how to use the technology effectively.

According to Parker, “Giving an untrained person an infrared camera and saying ‘go find the leaks’ will definitely yield some undesirable results. Properly used by an experienced roofing consultant, on the other hand, these two tools, can give you critical information in the evaluation of the existing roof and an understanding of what is going to need to happen next and there is no substitute for an old-fashioned inspection.”

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