27 Jul 2022

On-Demand MEP Webinars

We are excited to share the following Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) educational opportunities with you.

On-demand webinars include:

• Electrical Investigations
• Cast Iron Plumbing Systems Failure Analysis
• Vehicle Charging Stations: Staying Ahead of the Curve

These webinars are the first of many that will be made available to our clients. Learn more about our educational opportunities by visiting our Continuing Education page.

Electrical Investigations is a one-hour course designed to provide participants with the basic knowledge of how electricity gets from the power plant to the end user and the common devices used in the distribution process in commercial and/or residential applications. The presentation looks at devices the end user may purchase and use daily, as well as the common failures related to these products.

The course also reviews safety issues and the improper use of electrical equipment, arc flash hazards, lightning, and electrical fires to help adjusters better understand how the lack of safety protocols or the improper use of equipment can lead to failures and possible fatalities. The presentation also shows the various methods of failure and how an electrical engineer’s evaluation can determine the cause of loss and possible subrogation opportunities.

Cast Iron Plumbing Systems Failure Analysis is a one-hour course designed to help insurance professionals understand the materials, codes, and possible failures involved with residential cast iron plumbing systems.

The presentation is designed to show how residential cast iron pipe plumbing systems are built and why they fail, as well as explain applicable codes and highlight a few repair options. Participants will learn what to look for while addressing a cast iron pipe sewer failure claim, including some of the forensic investigative techniques utilized by experts. The course also includes case studies to illustrate the handling of such losses and a practical demonstration of a typical drainage system failure.

Vehicle Charging Stations: Staying Ahead of the Curve
is a one-hour course designed to help participants learn the fundamentals of Electronic Vehicle Charger Stations (EVCS). Participants in this course will stay ahead of the curve and better understand the impact, installation, and money-saving potential of EVCS, as they learn what to look for and how to install the proper EVCS for a business/complex.