09 Apr 2020

COVID-19 Update

Rimkus Building Consultants (RBC) is fully operational and continues to provide uninterrupted service to our clients. Along with Metallurgical Technologies, Inc. and our parent company, Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc., we’re navigating the COVID-19 global pandemic with a business continuity plan that prioritizes safety and wellness while enabling us to deliver the same level of support our clients have come to know and rely upon.

Here’s how we’re continuing to serve our clients:

Availability: Our team members from across the United States are working from home per recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Our strengths and capabilities include:

o National technical expertise on buildings, facilities, and infrastructure
o Extensive design experience on damaged structures and facilities
o Cost estimating support on all projects
o Additional technical support from Rimkus Consulting Group

- Industrial Hygiene
- Materials Science
- Toxicology

Accessibility: To ensure uninterrupted service to our clients, RBC team members are equipped with the following resources:

o An information security management system certified in accordance with ISO 27001 including laptops, tablets, and cell phones
o Cloud-based communications: calling, routing, and videoconferencing
o Secure, company-wide digital document library
o Fully operational IT and administrative support

Preparedness: The Rimkus Incident Response Plan accounts for the safety, well-being, and success of RBC employees, clients, and the public. The following preparations allow our experts to continue work on projects:

o Continual updates with the latest information from the CDC and WHO as well as local, state, and federal guidelines and restrictions
o Global COVID-19 compliance letter for consultants traveling to job locations
o Pre-inspection health assessment guidelines – peace of mind for our clients and their insureds
o Hygienic field inspection procedures
o Virtual site investigation capabilities

Technology: RBC experts can use the following tools to produce highly detailed visual aids of sites, including comprehensive views of indoor and outdoor spaces, enhanced scene documentation, and 360° photos. This equipment can also be used to inspect physically inaccessible site locations such as roofs and building facades, facilitate collaboration with other experts, and virtually revisit inspection sites.

o Matterport 3D camera
o Drones: standard and infrared
o Pictometry/Nearmap aerial images
o Robotic camera equipment, track crawlers

Client Resources: All of our services are available. We continue to provide top-quality construction and building consulting in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. Our expertise includes the following:

o Risk Assessments
o Infrastructure Services
o Design Services
o Building Sciences
o Construction Services
o Pre-Construction Services
o Maintenance and Operations
o Property Condition Assessments
o Building Consulting and Claim Advisory Services
o Project Closeout and Post-Construction Services

We’re here for you, should you need us today, tomorrow, or in the challenging months ahead. Contact us at (866) 299-3370. We’re ready to help.