11 Oct 2018

Consulting Expert Update, September 2018

Rimkus Building Consultants combines extensive expertise in building design, construction, operations and maintenance to serve our clients’ needs. Drawing from our team’s varied industry backgrounds, significant experience at Rimkus Consulting Group and more than 30 years of forensic investigation experience, we effectively deal with issues across the entire range of built environments from building envelopes and structural systems to roadways, bridges and electrical systems. Throughout each assignment, we combine comprehensive engineering skills and innovative thinking to proactively help mitigate risks and defects and maximize facility life cycles.

Austin, Texas

Gilbert Estrada Jr. has more than 25 years of industry experience in building inspections and insurance investigations, having worked on projects in the residential, commercial, manufactured home, residential condominium, and complex construction realms. He has years of management expertise in the application of insurance safety standards and regulations, has been responsible for the acquisition of national contracts, and has overseen the deployment of insurance professionals to catastrophe sites. His background includes experience in damage assessment, reconstruction estimating, market evaluation, claims review and management, cost estimating, budget control, and contract management. He is a licensed Property and Casualty Adjuster with the Texas Department of Insurance, a certified Flood Adjuster with the National Flood Insurance Program/US Department of Homeland Security, and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Gil holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University and associate’s degrees in Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering from Del Mar College.

Dallas, Texas

Eliah Kim is a professional engineer licensed in California and Texas. His skillset includes structural design and building analysis with more than six years of experience in common building types such as concrete, steel, wood, cold-formed metal, and masonry. His background also includes common building occupancy types such as schools, hospitals, residential buildings, and industrial structures. He is responsible for the structural analysis of buildings damaged by tree falls, fires, automobile impacts, moisture intrusion, and age, as well as the design of repairs to meet current standards and building codes.  For more than five years, Mr. Kim was deployed as a war zone relief worker in the Middle Eastern region of the world, where he aided communities by supplying essential goods and establishing a business entity to promote local economy and job creation. He also served in the United States Army. Mr. Kim earned master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of California.

Anna Colesworthy, P.E.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Anna Colesworthy is an associate engineer with a strong background in International Building Code, AISC (steel), ACI (concrete), and NDS (wood) design guides. Her design experience includes wood, structural steel, light gage steel, and reinforced concrete structures including but not limited to apartment complexes, office buildings, and commercial spaces. She has expertise in quality control and materials testing, with proficiency in ASTM testing standards for concrete and asphalt.  She has also evaluated damages and additions to residential homes, and is accomplished in AutoCAD, Risa3D, and ENERCALC. Ms. Colesworthy earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in structures from North Carolina State University.