19 May 2020

Consulting Expert Update, May 2020

Rimkus Building Consultants combines extensive expertise in building design, construction, operations and maintenance to serve our clients’ needs. Drawing from our team’s varied industry backgrounds, significant experience at Rimkus Consulting Group and more than 30 years of forensic investigation experience, we effectively deal with issues across the entire range of built environments from building envelopes and structural systems to roadways, bridges and electrical systems. Throughout each assignment, we combine comprehensive engineering skills and innovative thinking to proactively help mitigate risks and defects and maximize facility life cycles.

Robert J. Dinjar, P.E.
Austin, Texas

As a Consultant based in our Austin office, Robert Dinjar performs forensic inspections and analyses of structural damage involving moisture intrusions and leaks, hail and wind damage, fire damage, and foundations movement. He is experienced with the evaluation of low- to mid-rise buildings, such as restaurants, convention halls, churches, shopping centers, and nursing homes, as well as residential buildings, including single- and multi-family residences and their components, such as roofs and siding. Mr. Dinjar specializes in the design of building lateral resistive systems, preparation of structural engineering designs, and inspection/certification for high wind and flood compliance. He also has specialized expertise in building envelope components, such as water proofing materials and flashings. Mr. Dinjar is a professional engineer licensed in Texas as well as a Texas Department of Insurance Certified Windstorm Inspector. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University.