05 Dec 2019

Consulting Expert Update, December 2019

Rimkus Building Consultants combines extensive expertise in building design, construction, operations and maintenance to serve our clients’ needs. Drawing from our team’s varied industry backgrounds, significant experience at Rimkus Consulting Group and more than 30 years of forensic investigation experience, we effectively deal with issues across the entire range of built environments from building envelopes and structural systems to roadways, bridges and electrical systems. Throughout each assignment, we combine comprehensive engineering skills and innovative thinking to proactively help mitigate risks and defects and maximize facility life cycles.

Craig A. Williams, P.E.
Charlotte, NC

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Craig Williams is a Professional Engineer registered in nine states. His background includes more than 15 years of structural engineering experience with single- and multi-family residences, foundations of prefabricated metal buildings and modular/mobile homes, bridges, and commercial buildings, among other structures. He specializes in the design and evaluation of residential and commercial properties, including forensic structural and construction investigations as well as construction document and code compliance reviews. He is skilled in identifying, diagnosing, and providing remediation plans for structural defects in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. He has designed with building construction materials of timber, steel, reinforced masonry, and concrete (reinforced and prestressed) to achieve proper gravity and lateral-resisting elements for wind and seismic loads based on the various model building codes. Mr. Williams earned a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Phoenix, AZ

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Geoff Cox is a Senior Architect with more than 18 years of experience in all aspects of the building development process, particularly the development of large commercial retail projects. His industry background includes the design of CMU, precast concrete, steel, and wood structures, as well as the development of site layouts for 100+ acre sites and involvement with projects ranging from $50,000 to $50 million. He has recent experience with grocery store design, surveying potential sites and buildings, site investigations, developing store layouts, envelope calculations, coordinating specifications, permitting, construction administration/observations, owner/tenant coordination, and the production of construction documents. He is a Registered Architect in Kansas and a member of the American Institute of Architecture. Mr. Cox earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from the University of Kansas.