25 Mar 2020

Are you prepared for temporary shutdown? Rimkus Building Consultants can help.

As our nation pulls together to stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus, businesses are facing temporary shutdowns of their operations. We want to assure you that Rimkus Building Consultants, Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc., and Metallurgical Technologies, Inc., are available to assist businesses that must temporarily shut down their operations.

When decommissioning facilities, it is important that HVAC systems are phased down in a manner that will reduce energy costs and avoid potential hazards to the overall indoor environment, such as the growth of fungal agents. Our team of Mechanical Engineers is available to assist in the preparation for orderly, controlled, and energy-efficient temporary phasedown of building HVAC systems.

When re-commissioning facilities, our Engineers and Industrial Hygienists are available to ensure that buildings are safe for re-entry by conducting indoor air sampling and other testing to confirm unexpected fungal growth has not occurred during the shutdown.

We are here to help you navigate these unprecedented circumstances. Contact us at (866) 299-3370.

A Multi-Disciplined Approach

With our full-service portfolio and all engineering and architectural disciplines under one roof, we address each and every aspect of our clients' needs. We are a third party consulting firm offering an objective point of view for more reliable results. We understand common pitfalls and begin each project with those in mind to proactively resolve issues before they occur. From design and pre-construction to construction and project close out, we span the life of the project with personalized service at every step.

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