At every phase of facility ownership, construction, operation and maintenance, risk management is essential to protect people, property, and projects from all variety of hazards. With Rimkus Building Consultants, Risk and Safety professionals are better equipped to address this daunting task.

We apply more than 30 years of lessons learned in virtually every industry to reduce risk.

We leverage the experience gained in the investigation of hundreds of thousands of failures and accidents to identify and mitigate frequently encountered hazards that can lead to accidents and property damage. This also includes construction and acquisition related risks that can lead to construction defects, cost overruns, schedule overruns, damage to adjacent property, and unfulfilled owner expectations.

From safety audits and property condition assessments, to design, pre-construction and construction services, we are here for you at every step to help you achieve your goals.

Better insights, better performance and better outcomes for the built environment

Optimize the quality, value and performance of your projects and your facilities with Rimkus Building Consultants.

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