Developers and Owners want a functional facility that meets their needs and their vision for the entire life cycle. By engaging the services of an independent third party advisor such as Rimkus Building Consultants, you benefit from a consultant that can look at your project with clear objectivity to help mitigate risk.

With more than 30 years of investigative experience, we are uniquely qualified to meet your needs

Whether you’re considering purchasing an existing facility, modifying an existing facility, or building a new facility, to avoid cost over runs, defects, and unfulfilled expectations it’s critical that the utmost care and attention is given to the project.

Proper condition assessments are essential to answering vital questions: Can the facility meet our needs structurally? Are there defects that can or have lead to moisture intrusion? Is there adequate heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and electrical service? Is the building energy efficient? Is there adequate drainage? Is the property code compliant? Is the property ADA compliant? What is the life expectancy of the facility and components?

It’s equally important that these same questions are asked and answered with respect to new construction with a quality assurance plan put in place prior to the completion of the property’s design and construction. This vital step ensures that construction quality control inspections are validating details that will meet not just the minimums of codes and standards, but also the owner’s expectations for a maintainable, operable facility that meets all expectations.

Better insights, better performance and better outcomes for the built environment

Optimize the quality, value and performance of your projects and your facilities with Rimkus Building Consultants.

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