Analysis and design are the cornerstone tasks of any design firm. However, a design is only as good as its details. Faced with tight budgetary constraints, and even tighter schedule deadlines, design firms often rely too heavily on “typical” details or worse, leave the details to the builder.

Enhance your quality assurance program with third party reviews of critical details and calculations from Rimkus Building Consultants.

Superb detailing and well-contemplated design coordination are fundamental to delivering a high quality project. At Rimkus Building Consultants, we provide third party reviews that focus on the most problematic design areas, including the building envelope, HVAC design considerations, and depending on project needs, any other discipline required.

In construction, we offer expert advice in trouble areas that can lead to moisture intrusion, as well as grading and drainage, and energy efficiency. The design of parking garages is also one of our strong areas of expertise. We place a strong emphasis on those areas of parking lot construction that frequently lead to construction defects such as control joints, rebar placement, and connections.

Better insights, better performance and better outcomes for the built environment

Optimize the quality, value and performance of your projects and your facilities with Rimkus Building Consultants.

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