With construction clients demanding more scope on a tighter budget in less time, it can be difficult to stay on top of the finer details of construction technology. When not addressed correctly upfront, these details can lead to unhappy clients, tarnished reputations, and worst yet, costly construction defect claims that reduce the bottom line.

Focusing on the details during every phase to reduce the risk

We work with contractors through all phases of the process. By involving us in the pre-construction phase, we can assist in identifying risky details before construction starts and materials are purchased. What’s more, through our Building Information Modeling services, we will evaluate the constructability of your project. In this first phase we can also assist in developing quality assurance plans that address field quality control inspections.

During the construction phase, we can assist in the production of mock-ups to further examine critical details before full-scale construction occurs. In addition, we’ll complete quality control inspections for compliance with the contract documents.

In the post-construction phase, we can capture the as-built condition of the project utilizing three-dimensional laser scanners, and complete tasks associated with building commissioning, and the preparation of operations and maintenance manuals.

Through these end-to-end services, we help assure your project is successful, quality built and cost effective.

Better insights, better performance and better outcomes for the built environment

Optimize the quality, value and performance of your projects and your facilities with Rimkus Building Consultants.

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